Failure Samsung Galaxy Note7 led the rush, the fatigue of employees and the desire to circumvent Apple Samsung

On the website Bloomberg has published an interesting post about what Samsung has got in a situation where she is at the moment. The publication refers to different informants who are familiar with how it all happened actually.

For several consecutive months, there were rumors that there were no revolutionary innovations in the iPhone 7 will not. Manual Samsung saw this as an opportunity that will allow you to get around competitor this year. The result was quickly approved a number of features of Samsung Galaxy Note7, and the announcement of the device was appointed on August 3 for 10 days sooner than was presented last year’s model.

As we approach the date of the announcement of the Samsung employees and delivery channels worked practically without days off, the pressure from the customers was enormous, much more than from other companies. An anonymous employee of one of the companies which supplied the components, reported that Samsung was working very hard, because the customer constantly changed the specifications of the device. Some employees Samsung has started sleeping at the office so as not to waste time on the way home and back. It is obvious that in such circumstances the test could be made to all standards and not in full.

When Samsung Galaxy Note7 went on sale and began to receive reports of exploding batteries, the company was in shock. They were arguing about whether to declare revocable campaign or to get rid of the less radical methods, like a program to replace batteries. In the end, it was announced a full review of smartphones sold.

Sale Samsung Galaxy Note7 will resume only on September 28, at first only in South Korea, and iPhone 7 breaking records for pre-orders and analysts.



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