Factory LG Display P10 will produce OLED panel

LG Display will take all the power plant P10 production of OLED panels, although previously it was assumed that the plant will produce LCD panels. A preliminary decision has already been made. It has to be approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors, scheduled for July 25.

The seven-story factory, designed on the substrate 10G can release a panel of large, middle and small size. Specific capacity ratio by segment and the amount of investment in equipment to be determined subject to market conditions.

It is known that investment in production of OLED decided to increase to 8.76 billion. It is expected that this will give the opportunity not to give the market of OLED panels to Chinese companies, vigorously developing the production of this product.

Additional funds will allow LG Display to annually double the production of OLED panels small and medium size in the period up to 2019. Prior to the commissioning of the factory P10 this task will be faced by the factories E5 and E6, which produces OLED panel. In addition, it is planned to transfer the production of the OLED part of the capacity is occupied now with the release of LCD panels.

Source: Business Korea

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