FaceSense — management of the VR headset through facial expressions

Controllers can interfere with total immersion in virtual reality, because the user interaction is based on the need to perform special actions. A more intuitive method implemented in the development of the participants C-Lab is a special program Samsung designed to stimulate innovative projects. They created the interface FaceSense does not require manipulation by hands, instead relying on biometric data obtained by tracking the user’s face.

The fact that the contraction of the facial muscles when changing expressions, and also when a person is talking or switch attention from one object to another, is associated with the production of certain electrical signals. Recognizing these signals FaceSense turns them into navigation commands. In other words, the user is able to navigate in the virtual world, simply by examining objects in the or by giving simple voice commands.

The prototype designed for the Samsung Gear VR headset, was shown at the exhibition VRLA Expo 2017 in Los Angeles. When development will acquire the status of serial products — is still unknown.

Source: Samsung


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