Facebook was the most efficient company in the US, in terms of net profit per employee

The main economic indicators of the success of a company are indicators of different kind of profit. Resource ReCode decided to explore how effectively large companies of the IT market use each of its employees.

It turned out that the leader in this field is Facebook, whose revenue per employee is $ 451 205. In terms of net profit per employee also leads Facebook: 498 188 dollars, which is 43% higher than a year earlier.

If we talk only about net profits, then on second place is Microsoft with the index 52 $ 400, and closes the three leaders of the Alphabet with 46 610 dollars per person.

In the list of leaders present, and one company from another segment: Ford. Her figure — 10 098 dollars in net profit per employee. Do note that the list is missing the Apple and many other companies. But this is not due to the fact that rates were lower, and due to the lack of data on the number of employees in the quarterly reports. In addition, the list includes only companies from the United States.


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