Facebook wants to launch its own entertainment show

In order to thrive, you need to keep moving. This is true for individuals and for the company. For large companies this often means the expansion of the field of activity, entering new markets, creation of subsidiaries and so on.

A good example is Google. The search giant is developing a huge variety of projects, sometimes not in any way connected with the main source of earnings of the company. Facebook also is trying to expand the «horizon». According to the source, the world’s most popular social network is negotiating with TV studios and other video producers about licensing the show.

Apparently, it is not even about a single show, and about the different. Among the areas of call gaming, sports and scenic. But Facebook is not interested in competition with well-known TV channels. The show the network just need to set an example and encourage partners to create unique video content and embed it into Facebook previously the network has created special conditions.

On the other hand, the position of Facebook is that its own show could become very popular and the company will change its priorities in this direction.



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