Facebook wants to build a small village Willow Campus area of 240 000 square meters

Four years ago, Facebook moved its headquarters to Menlo Park and now plans to expand its new home.

Unlike many other giants of the IT market, Facebook is not going to surprise with some new huge and unusual building. Instead, the company is going to build something like a small town called Willow Campus.

Facebook says the desire to create an integrated village that will include residential and office space, transportation corridors, grocery stores and various amenities.

Facebook is going to take almost 240 000 m2 site, to build 1,500 residential units, 11 600 m2 of retail space, 162 500 m2 of office space, a grocery store, a pharmacy, a hotel, a leisure centre for visitors and so on.

This year Facebook will begin negotiations with the authorities regarding their plans for the new campus. Construction will start in 2019. The first phase includes the construction of retail, residential and office buildings, will be completed in 2021. Everything else needs to build over the next two years.



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