Facebook takes to run your own show at least the end of summer

In the beginning of the month it became known that Facebook may launch two dozen different shows in June. As reported, the social network was initially interested in a variety of formats, starting with short programs designed for Teens and finishing high-budget projects.

However, in the process of development of new segments often occur some problems and incidents. The source reports that Facebook has now moved the launch date of your own show, at least at the end of the summer.

Initially, the company was going to enter the market in April, then the deadline was shifted to June, but now refers to the end of July or early August. Of course, again without any guarantee that starting again will not survive.

Unfortunately, information about what is the reason for the delay, no. This is most likely some production problems. First, Facebook have never done it, and secondly, the scale quite large, as the company wants to launch many different programs.

Recall, Apple is rumored to be also working on their own show. Moreover, some believe that Cupertino giant could simply buy Netflix.



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