Facebook may launch two dozen shows in the next month

If you believe the rumors, Apple is not the first year working to act as a provider of video content. However, for one reason or another Cupertino giant yet nothing came of it. Now even the rumors indicate that Apple may buy Netflix because it’s easier than to create your own business in this segment from scratch.

Facebook is also interested in this direction, but more productive. New data indicate that in June, the social network plans to launch about two dozen different shows on the social media platform.

Facebook started to look for partners who are willing and able to create their own content, in the last year. For this purpose the company invited one of the founders of CollegeHumor Ricky van Veena (Ricky Van Veen) and the former head of MTV Mina Lefevre (Mina Lefevre).

Facebook interesting the different formats of the show, ranging from short programs for Teens that will come out every day and ending with the big-budget show. Facebook is also interested in sports themes.

Own show will allow Facebook to not only attract new audiences but also to get a new way of selling advertising.



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