Facebook may launch smart speakers with 15-inch touch panel next year

Sources from Taiwanese supply chain claim that the company Facebook intends to compete with Amazon, Google and Apple, presenting its smart speaker system.

The informant asserts that the focus of the device will be placed in voice control, and demonstrate results on a large 15-inch touch screen.

The device will be made by the company Pegatron, and its output is scheduled for the first quarter of next year. Although a small test batch is already running in production in China. Analysts predict a significant improvement in financial performance the Pegatron, which manufactures the iPhone for Apple, as well as Surface and Xbox One for Microsoft.

The vendor display will be the company LG Display, the housing is made of magnesium alloy and aluminum.

According to rumors, at the end of the year, Amazon will present the successor of as Echo, which will compete with Apple HomePod.

According to Strategy Analytics, shipments of smart speakers in the past year amounted to 5.9 million units, 4.2 million of which were shipped in the fourth quarter. Market for smart as is expected to grow to $ 5.5 billion by 2022.



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