Facebook has successfully put the UAV Aquila

More than two years, the company Facebook is testing UAV Aquila, which is designed to provide network access to an Internet population in remote corners of the planet.

Last year during landing, a strong gust of wind damaged the wing of a drone, which he crashed. Now, however, Facebook reported the successful test of Aquila, which took place on 22 may this year. The drone took off, stayed in the air for 106 minutes and made a successful landing.

The developers have stated that they have learned, took into account their mistakes and improved Aquila, who was able to make the first successful flight. We are talking about the refinement of design and new dampers lift. In addition, the drone is now equipped with hundreds of sensors that allow to gather more data, improved automatic piloting, as well as two-bladed propellers, which break upon landing and do not interfere with the stop of the UAV.

The Aquila drone does not have a landing gear for landing, it lands on the Kevlar plates attached to the motors. For planting the field was prepared, covered with 15 cm layer of sand.



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