Facebook has impressively increased its revenue and net profit

Company Facebook a little later than others reported for the fourth quarter of 2016 financial year and the whole year, which ended for her on December 31.

Extreme quarter brought the company to 8.8 billion dollars, which is 51% higher than a year earlier. Operating margin increased from 44% to 52%, and net profit increased by an impressive 128%, reaching 3.57 billion.

Revenue for the year amounted to 27.6 billion dollars that on 54% more than in 2015. Operating margin was 45% versus 35% a year earlier, and net profit for the year rose altogether by 177%, reaching 10.2 billion$.

Daily number of active users increased by 18% and in December reached 1.23 billion people. The daily number of mobile users grew by 23%, reaching 1.15 billion people. The revenue from mobile advertising accounted for roughly 84% of all advertising revenue, while the previous year the figure was equal to 80%. At the end of the year Facebook had of 29.45 billion in cash and equivalents and marketable securities.



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