Facebook has declared war on the ad blockers

The company Facebook announced that it plans to use the technology, thanks to which users will see ads in the desktop version of this social network even if you have enabled adblocker.

In his blog, the developers claim that well-made, unobtrusive advertising can be very useful, it can help you to quickly learn about new products and services. Unfortunately, often the creators of advertising don’t think about the comfort of the users, forcing them to use ad blockers. Facebook conducted a survey which showed that in most cases, the people activate ad-blockers to stop annoying view offer.

Some companies that create blockers, take the money for their miss advertising of relevant products. However, Facebook chose to create a solution whereby blockers simply do not notice the advertising in this social network.

But in Facebook say that the company is concerned primarily about the comfort of its users, so you have more freedom in the selection of advertising preferences. You can disable or enable the ads for one or another subject, simply changing the list of preferences.



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