Facebook Aquila drone crashed due to strong winds

As you know, the company Facebook is developing a project to provide Network access in remote areas via drones. One such company experienced in the first half of this year.

But at the end of the test UAV Aquila was wrecked. While the national Council for transport safety (National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB) conducted the investigation of the incident, Facebook could not share the details.

Now the investigation is over and the company said that the cause of the incident was a strong wind. How strong, is not reported, but we know that he had «exceeded the design specifications». A gust of wind during landing damaged the wing of a drone, which he landed badly.

Despite the completion of the test, Facebook believes that they were successful, as the company not only received the data that are expected, but now knows how hard you need to make a drone next generation, which is already underway.

the drone


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