External storage SilverStone TS421S equipped with interface Mini-SAS SFF-8088

Range SilverStone Technology has expanded external storage TS421S. It is designed for four drive size 2.5 inches with interface SATA or SATA to connect to the host interface Mini-SAS SFF-8088 with a bandwidth of 24 GB/s. package includes all the necessary components: cables Mini-SAS SFF-8088 — Mini-SAS SFF-8088 Mini-SAS SFF-8087 — SATA 7pin adapter and the adapter to the Mini-SAS.

Vault supports hot swapping of drives. Drives can be up to a thickness of 15 mm. Each tray is provided with a lock. Cooling provides 80-millimeter fan.

Product dimensions — 100 x 120 x 181 mm. MSRP TS421S equal 206,5 euros.

Source: SilverStone



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