External drive Seagate Duet sinhroniziruete data with cloud storage Amazon Drive

Seagate introduced a portable drive Duet. The device is an external hard drive and is estimated at $100 for the version 1TB. In fact, this is the only available modification.

The novelty is interesting because it is intended for users of cloud storage Amazon Drive or for those who wants to become. For the second Duet is even more interesting, since the buyer drive gets a free annual subscription to Amazon Unlimited Drive Storage, which itself costs $60.

As for the special capabilities of the device, they lie in the ability of data synchronization. Duet automatically (if you activate this option) stores its data on cloud storage, so that access to data stored on the drive, you can obtain anywhere where there is Internet.

It remains to add that the size of the drive equal of 114.3 x 76.2 x 10.16 mm weight 122 g



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