Exposure XM7 and XM9: terminal and pre-amplifiers

In a series of Hi-Fi components Exposure includes the XM compact models with the body half-width, while not inferior to the older counterparts in functionality. Now added to this series pre amplifier and mono Exposure XM7 terminal power amplifier Exposure XM9.

Terminal the amplifier has a linear power supply with custom toroidal transformer with a capacity of 200 VA signal circuits use high-quality capacitance and resistors, and bipolar transistors of the output stage is produced by company Toshiba.

Amplifier output power Exposure XM9 is 80 watts at 8 Ohm and 1 kHz. At full capacity, the overall level of harmonic distortion does not exceed 0,005% (1 kHz), and the ratio signal/noise greater than 95 dB. When the frequency response unevenness ±0,5 dB within the limits of 20-20000 Hz. Weight of the monoblock is 4.6 kg.

Pre-Exposure XM7 amplifier equipped with a Phono stage and DAC, so it is suitable for many new and old sources. Among inputs there are USB and S/PDIF is able to accept a stream of 24 bit / 192 kHz, in addition to USB supports DSD. There are two headphone outputs, and another pair to another pre-amplifier.

Naushnikov outputs show a distortion less than 0.03% at a voltage of 2 V and frequency of 1 kHz. The maximum voltage is 8 V when the distortion is 0.1%. Frequency response and distortion in the circuits of amplification similar model XM9, except that the ratio of signal-to-noise ratio slightly decreased to 92 dB, and channel separation 60 dB. Both models will go on sale in July, Exposure XM7 valued at $1580, Exposure XM9 at $1770, but right after two blocks.



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