Experts Toyoda Gosei created the steering wheel with sensor grip

Experts of Toyoda Gosei developed first in Japan, the steering wheel for a vehicle equipped with in-built sensor that can determine whether the driver’s hands on the steering wheel. Steering wheel compatible with modern driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The development was attended by experts from Toyota Motor. The new «donut» will be used in the Lexus LS.

The sensor detecting the grip is between the outer leather trim and an inner layer of urethane, form-fitting metal frame. The sensor is integrated with a heating element. According to the manufacturer, this solution is used for the first time — usually the heater and sensor are separate elements. Combined, they managed to eliminate temperature loss and to reduce the weight.

Given that the driver assistance system take an increasing part in the government, Toyoda Gosei aims to integrate additional functionality into the steering wheel, which is a key point of interaction between the car and the driver.


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