Experts Toppan and E Ink have created a 32-inch flexible color electrophoretic display

Company Toppan Printing announced the development, in cooperation with E Ink Holdings flexible color electrophoretic display size 32 inches diagonally. According to Toppan, this is the largest screen of this kind with control circuits, thin-film transistors formed on the same substrate.

The prototype was manufactured at the facilities of E Ink. The size of its visible region is equal to 691,2 x 388,8 mm, resolution — 1280 x 720 pixels. Each pixel consists of four square subpixels RGBW, that is, the control circuit addresses the matrix of 2560 x 1440. Created by experts Toppan Printing color filter, optimized for the characteristics of electronic paper E Ink, provides more vivid colors. The panel is capable of displaying 4096 colors. Its contrast ratio is 20:1.

The partners expect to continue the cooperation based on the commercialization of the development in 2017.

Sources: Nikkei BP, Toppan

E Ink


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