Experts Panasonic designed system, non-contact determines the degree of sleepiness of the driver

Company Panasonic has presented the development, which aims to improve road safety. We are talking about the system that determines the degree of sleepiness of the driver. In contrast to the development of Toyobo and Union Tool with the same use , the HP system works contactless.

To determine the degree of sleepiness that is measured-state driver, the frequency of blinking and facial expression. To do this, the system analyses the image coming from the camera installed in the cabin. Processing is performed using artificial intelligence technologies. With a thermal imager takes into account changes of heat of the body, accompanied by a change of physical condition. Allegedly, the system is able to anticipate the next level of sleepiness, which often occurs transparently to the driver. Moreover, the system can adjust the temperature of the air in the cabin to maintain a comfortable waking conditions. Other systems to keep the driver awake, use beeps and vibration that may annoy the driver. Note that as a last resort, the Panasonic system also beeps or a message about the necessity of rest.

Of course, the system can be used not only in cars. According to Panasonic, it is also suitable for offices and classrooms.



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