Experts of Panasonic have a cure for photographs to measure the pulse video

At a recent exclusive event Wonder Japan Solutions company Panasonic has introduced the technology to accurately measure heart rate video image of the person. The development was named Vital Contactless Sensing.

The measurement is based on absorption of light by the surface of the skin. The fact that blood absorbs light and the absorption varies in time synchronously with the contractions of the vessels under the influence of brain waves. As stated, it allows you to determine the heart rate almost with the same accuracy, which is achieved by a medical instrument.

It is important that the measurements fit a normal camera, including web camera. The most suitable measurements is the facial skin as the face usually remains open.

The company plans to continue to develop, hoping to commercialize in the coming year. One of the areas of application include the addition of data on the pulse of the images of athletes during television broadcasts of the competitions. In addition, the technology will help to monitor the stress level of employees of call centers and drivers.

Source: Nikkei BP


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