Experts KIMM was able to expedite the production of panels micro LED 1000 times

Specialists of the Institute of KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials) managed to develop the technology of roll production panels micro-LED.

Development KIMM based on the use of the transfer thin-film silicon transistors and microscopic LEDs on the same substrate to form an active matrix. According to reports, this technology allows a threefold increase panel light output while reducing energy consumption by 50%.

Another advantage of the developed technology — high performance of production. If with current technology, a second can be transferred from 1 to 10 LEDs, the development of KIMM allows you to transfer more than 10 000 LEDs per second.

The Institute planned to grant a license to six patents that protect the development, the South Korean company Lumens, producing LEDs that could start trial production.



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