Experts JDI created an LCD display with a density of 651 pixels per inch for VR headsets

The company Japan Display (JDI) announced the creation of a liquid-crystal display with a size of 3.42 inches, designed for headsets virtual reality (VR). Panel resolution, made by technology of low-temperature polycrystalline silicon, is 1440 x 1700 pixels. Specified size and resolution correspond to the density 651 pixels per inch.

The high density makes the individual pixels indistinguishable even if the zoom optical system of the gear VR headset, allowing you to form a realistic image. Experts JDI will continue to work and the next to produce a display, characterized by a density of 800 pixels per inch.

Panel type IPS supports refresh rates of 90 Hz. The response time of the pixel is 3 MS. This helps to prevent the blurring of dynamic images. The panel’s brightness is 150 CD/m2, contrast ratio — 700:1.

Source: CDR Info


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