Experts IHS, Markit has calculated the cost of the components of the iPhone 7

After the specialists iFixit rated the repairability of the iPhone 7, and specialists from ChipWorks, deeply studied the components of the device, the new Apple smartphone were taken by the specialists IHS Markit. They were interested in the value of the components of the apparatus.

According to estimates from IHS, Markit, all the components of iPhone 7 with 32 GB of flash memory cost $219,80. Adding the costs for Assembly, estimated at $5, analysts came to the conclusion that the issue of a single instance of iPhone 7 cost Apple $224,80. As you know, in retail the device with 32GB of flash memory costs $649.

IHS experts Markit estimated that the new device costs the manufacturer more expensive models of the iPhone 6S at $36,89. In General, the costs are close to costs Samsung to produce one instance of the flagship smartphone. However, as analysts note, «other things being equal, Apple gets more profit on the hardware than Samsung, although the cost of components has become higher than it was in the past.»

Source: IHS Markit



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