Experts ETRI established wireless charger with high efficiency, having the form of a Cup

Specialists of the South Korean Institute of ETRI (The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) established the wireless charger of unusual shape, designed for smartphones. In contrast to existing chargers in the form of a flat platforms, the product ETRI has a three-dimensional shape and resembles a Cup. Calls it accordingly — E-Cup. The diameter of the E-Cup is equal to 10 cm.

The smartphone is placed into the Cup, charging regardless of its position and orientation. This feature was able to provide due to the formation of homogeneous fields. If you put in the E-Cup two smartphones, will charge both.

According to the developers, charging speed is the same as the speed when using a wired charger. However, the efficiency of the E-Cup is 60% the efficiency of a wired charger, but it’s still the highest rate among the wireless chargers at the moment.

The degree of commercialization development in ETRI estimated at 70%.

Source: Business Korea


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