Experts DisplayMate called the iPhone screen X «visually indistinguishable from perfect»

The last few years the situation on the market screens for smartphones have not changed. The flagship Samsung had the best displays in General, and the iPhone is the best IPS screens. At least, so several years, say experts DisplayMate.

But in 2017, the situation has changed due to the fact that Apple switched to the OLED panel. And here is the resource DisplayMate has finally published its review of the screen of the iPhone X.

So, looking ahead, the source is called the display of the flagship Apple «visually indistinguishable from perfect» and released a «best value absolute color accuracy (1.0 JNCD for sRGB / Red.709 and 0.9 JNCD for DCI-P3)» of all the screens that have ever tested at DisplayMate. Simply put, this is the best display in the smartphone market.

In addition, the screen in the iPhone X stands the highest brightness (634 KD/m2), the smallest value of reflectance (4.5%) and least brightness change when you change viewing angle.


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