Experts DisplayMate again named the best ever tested their mobile devices

Experts DisplayMate, constantly testing the displays of mobile devices, called best of all, tested them to date. This display is protected Samsung Galaxy Note7 presented at the beginning of the month.

We will remind, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 installed a curved display type Super AMOLED size 5.7 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. These parameters correspond to the density of 518 pixels per inch.

Display Samsung Galaxy Note7 has a wide color gamut and can operate in four modes. In Cinema mode the color exactly matches the space DCI-P3 Gamut Standard used for 4K UHD. In Basic mode is provided by the exact match of the color space sRGB / Rec.709, common to most content. The Photo mode is selected according to the Adobe RGB space used by applications and cameras for image processing. Finally, the Adaptive mode Display is selected, the maximum coverage and increased saturation.

Color accuracy is kept when changing the saturation, which is confirmed by the diagram with the triangles corresponding to different values of saturation.

Display Samsung Galaxy Note7 superior to the display other mobile devices for color gamut, a peak luminance (1048 CD/m2) and contrast. In addition, it reflects less of the incident light (4,6%) and has very wide viewing angles, and brightness change with the angle less, than any other tested screen.

Source: DisplayMate



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