Experts Consumer Reports has named the Samsung Galaxy S8+ best indicators of autonomy

Consumer Reports experts have called the best modern smartphone in terms of autonomy.

They became Samsung Galaxy S8+. Recall the device is equipped with a battery capacity of 3500 mA·h. Our tests showed that in some scenarios this device is really impressive. So, in reading mode, the smartphone was able to survive 21 hours, and video playback and 14.5 hours. If you have a large enough display.

The source says 26 hours in talk time, 14.5 hours in data transfer mode via Wi-Fi and 17.5 hours in the mode of data transfer through cellular networks LTE.

In second place is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and then — LG G6, Google Pixel XL and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Note that indicators of autonomy in certain tasks does not always reflect the autonomy in the mode of everyday use. That is almost a day in read mode does not mean that a moderate use of the smartphone will live three days.


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