Experts Chipworks found in the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7 three cameras and battery Vietnamese Assembly

Experts Chipworks has dismantled not only the Apple iPhone 7, when they reached the crystal Apple A10 SoC, but Samsung Galaxy Note7.

The basis of the instance, got the stuff, served as a single-chip system Exynos 8 Octa (Exynos 8890) with OCTA core processor. The configuration of the processor includes four cores M1 of its own design Samsung, clocked at 2.3 GHz and four cores ARM Cortex-A53, clocked at 1.6 GHz. Graphics processor ARM Mali-T880 MP12 has 12 cores. Furthermore, in SoC integrated LTE modem Category12/13. Made chip using finFET process technology 14LPP.

Located on top of the SoC chip memory LPDDR4 SDRAM, 4 GB made by Samsung. Manufacturer of flash memory capacity of 64 GB specification 2.0 USF, is Toshiba.

The phone includes two cameras, as usual, but three. They are all made by Samsung.

On Board main camera resolution 12 MP see the horoscope STMicroelectronics L2GIS (small chip in the center) used in the scheme of optical image stabilization.

The front camera has a resolution of 5 MP. The third camera is used to scan the iris of the eye.

In light of the history of fires of interest in the device battery. In the illustration he is shown on the left. Inscriptions indicate that the cell made in China, and the Assembly is made in Vietnam. Right shows the battery of the smartphone, iFixit dismantled. It is made in China. Model of the left power source — EB-BN930ABE, right — EB-BN930ABA. One of them probably manufactured by Samsung SDI, which supplies 70% of battery Note7, and another Chinese company ATL, which supplies the remaining 30%.

Source: Chipworks



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