Experts CEA-Leti created a fully functional prototype of a concave image sensor

The image sensors in modern cameras have a flat shape. This sensor easier to fabricate, but from the point of view of image quality would be preferable concave photosensitive surface. On the one hand, it provides a more uniform illumination of light sensitive elements across the frame as the light falls on distant from the optical axis plots an angle close to the normal. On the other hand, simpler lenses, since the distance from the lens to all points of the sensor becomes the same and there is no need for correction related to projection on a flat surface.

The relevant development being a long time, however, the concave sensors have not yet become serial products. Recently a fully working prototype of the curved image sensor presented by the specialists of the research Institute CEA-Leti.

Although polenakovic sensor resolution 20 MP is for astronomical equipment, optimists may interpret its creation as the first step on the way to the emergence of concave sensors in consumer cameras.

Source: DP Review


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