Experts called DisplayMate, the screen of Apple iPhone 7 is the best among LCD displays in this segment

In recent years in the smartphone market it is possible to note a certain stability in one of the questions. Talking about the quality of the displays. For several generations flagship Samsung smartphones will receive the title of media the best mobile screens on the market and iPhone is the best LCD screens. At least if you believe DisplayMate.

That iPhone 7 has earned the same title. The new display has enough advantages over the screen in the iPhone 6s, despite the identical diagonal and resolution.

For example, for the first time for Apple smartphones you can talk about matching not just the color space of the sRGB / Rec.709 (104%), and DCI-P3 (102%). Currently only three manufacturers of smartphones can boast a matching range of DCI-P3 in their devices.

The source also noted the very high maximum brightness of the panel. In manual mode it reaches 602 CD/m2, and automatically comes to 705 CD/m2.

As for color accuracy, the screen in the new smartphone Apple is the market leader. The report says that the display is very likely better than on any mobile device, monitor or TV that you have.

Additionally, you can provide a very low reflectance (4.4 percent) and a high contrast value (1762:1).



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