Experts at MIT have learned through a radio remotely to identify emotions

It is no secret that breathing and heart issue emotional state of a person. This fact decided to use the specialists of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), developed a method of remote measurement of emotions using a wireless signal.

The device, developed at MIT, called EQ-Radio. The principle of its operation is based on the analysis of the radio signal directed to the person and reflected from it. The analysis fails to highlight information about breathing and heart beat. In turn, this information is used to determine emotional state. Allegedly, to define, excited the man, satisfied, aggressive or upset, it is possible with an accuracy of 87%. Note that there is no need to fix on the body the test any sensors.

Development can find application not only in healthcare, but, for example, and trade, allowing in real time to assess how the audience responds to a particular advertisement. In addition, information about the condition of the person will be able to consider a smart home system, adjusting the lighting, heating, ventilation, and choosing music.

Source: MIT


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