Experts at MIT are working on a camera that will allow you to learn the content of a workbook without opening it

Researchers at mit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MIT) decided to argue with the authors of the expression «don’t judge a book by its cover», presenting its new development.

The new camera, which was developed with the participation of specialists of the American Institute Georgia Tech, allows you to see the contents of the book without opening it. However at this stage, the camera can scan a stack of papers, consisting of nine leaves, but the work is not completed.

The current system uses terahertz radiation spectrum which lies between infrared and microwave ranges. Radiation, also called submillimeter, easily passes through wood, plastic, ceramics and other materials.

Passing through the sheets of paper, the radiation is differently reflected from the ink, allowing the camera to «see» what is written on different pages. To work correctly between pages should be a tiny distance of only 20 microns.

At the moment the developers are working on improving the performance and increasing the depth of recognition.

It would seem that it is easier to open the book to read it, but this development is already interested in the leaders of the Metropolitan Museum (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) in new York city and explored the various artifacts and works of ancient art, which will be possible to study in detail without the risk of damaging them.


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