Experts Ars Technica are not delighted with the display of the smartphone LG V30

Presented in late August, the smartphone LG V30 is known to feature a flexible display P-OLED production LG Display. The display size is 6 inches, the resolution is 2880 x 1440 pixels. The screen is protected by tempered glass. Judging by the description, the display is great, but the Ars Technica experts do not share the optimism of the manufacturer. Having tested a pre-production instance V30, they made complaints to the display. As stated, the image suffers from graininess, it manifested itself in the strip, and the brightness distribution across the area of the screen cannot be called uniform.

The described disadvantages can be seen in made in a darkened room the picture of the screen on which was displayed the image of a gray rectangle.

Galaxy S8 shown for the picture for comparison, is equipped with a Super AMOLED display made by Samsung Display.

According to some reports, LG Display has failed to bring the quality and the yield rate of products at the factory E5 Gen-6 to an acceptable level, so long as the V30 displays are produced on lines of Gen-4.5. It is not excluded that low-quality display that got the device, tested Ars Technica, was made in a Gen E5-6. Perhaps, in mass instances V30 LG used better displays.

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