Every second enterprise in the United States was the victim of a cyber attack last year

Specialists of the company Munich Re has conducted a study, whose results show that last year 53% of American businesses were victims of cyber attacks.

The most common consequences of attacks was loss of data and interruptions in the enterprise — they occurred in 60% and 55%, respectively.

While 74% of the affected companies have been forced to spend more than $5,000 to investigate the circumstances of each incident, the restoration and replacement of software and hardware, as well as the elimination of other consequences of the attack. In many cases the amount was much higher: 38% of enterprises spent for these purposes more than $50,000, 10% — from $100 000 to $250 000, 7% more than $250 000.

As for the tools used by the attackers, most often it is malware, including viruses. A significant portion also falls on a DDoS attack and extortionate. In 13% of cases, criminals have used social engineering techniques. In any case, the weak link in security is the human factor: 45% of attacks were linked to the conflict between employer and employee.


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