Every 20 hours of service Now GeForce for PC and Mac will cost $25

Even in the fall of 2015, Nvidia introduced the GeForce cloud service Now, which allows you to stream modern PC games on the Shield, including a tablet, a portable console and the TV console.

During 2017 CES, Nvidia stated that GeForce soon Now will be available to users on PC and Mac. The principle of its operation will not change the rendering of graphics and physics will happen on the Nvidia servers, and you only need a quality Internet connection.

In advertising the statements that now everyone can turn their desktop computers and laptops in productive gaming station with the GeForce GTX 1080 to see gaming news in all its glory. During the presentation Nvidia showed how using GeForce Now, the iMac worked the game Rise of the Tomb Raider, which still went on macOS.

Now about the main thing — price. Those who want to use GeForce Now will have to pay $ 25 for every 20 hours of play. If you wish, you can pay more to enable higher quality graphics settings.

Starting service Now GeForce for PC and Mac is expected in March.



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