Even CPU Intel Core i3-8100 is a Quad-core

Recently, we learned that generation of Intel processors Coffee Lake will be different from all the previous cores of those or other models. So, Core i7 and Core i5 will be six-core and Core i3-8300 Quad — core.

We now know the parameters of two models. Intel Core i3-8350K in the first place, as the name implies, will stand out the presence of a free multiplier. He will get four cores with a frequency of 4 GHz, but will not support Hyper-Threading. It’s weird, as the model Core i3-8300, according to the latest data, will have such support. TDP Core i3-8350K rate is 91 watts.

Model Core i3-8100 will also be Quad-core, will also be devoid of support Hyper-Threading, and the frequency and TDP is 3.6 GHz and 65 W, respectively.

In addition, there were the result of testing the Core i7-8700K in CPU-Z. the New product is gaining 980 2323 and 13 points in single-threaded and multi-threaded mode, respectively.



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