Evan Bless has denied the information that LG V30 will lose a second display

Recently, well-known insider Evan Bless (Evan Blass) has declared that it has received a first image of the smartphone LG V30.

Then, trade publications reported that the new flagship device of LG will lose an additional display. The reason the phrase «adieu, ticker».

Then Evan Bless published this message: «How important is the language. Pretty funny that many publications incorrectly interpreted my words, writing that the device will lose the secondary display».

He confirmed that the word ticker really meant the secondary display, but not all of the additional displays can be characterized according to the word. In other words, he now suggests that this element in LG V30 will increase in size and become full-fledged second screen.

It is unlikely LG will re-invent the YotaPhone, well, we are waiting for when the insider will show the previously mentioned image.



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