Error Siri allows you to access some settings on locked iPhone

In iOS, an error is detected, knitted with virtual voice assistant Siri. It allows you to access some settings on a locked iPhone. This means that anyone can enable or disable, for example, the option data transmission in a cellular network or a Bluetooth interface.

As it turned out, for direct access, it is sufficient to say Siri the phrase «Cellular Data» or «Bluetooth» to on the display switch of the specified option. Interestingly, when prompted, say «Disable Cellular Data» or «Enable Cellular Data» virtual assistant first asks to unlock the smartphone. In the same way it provided access to other settings in the switch Disable/Enable.

It is unclear what the error might be useful to the attacker. However, it is clear that a virtual assistant should not provide access to whatever the settings on a locked device.

The existence of an error is confirmed in all versions of iOS 9 on 10.3.2 and the latest beta version of iOS 10.3.3.




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