Enthusiast printed on a 3D printer full frame lens with a focal length of 135 mm and an aperture of F/1.8 for Sony camera

Photographer Mathieu stern (Stern Mathieu), in cooperation with the company rendering services of 3D printing, brought to life his dream is to make your own lens. Lens designed for full-frame mirrorless camera by Sony, according to the enthusiast, has a focal length of 135 mm and aperture F/1,8. It is built according to the scheme of the monocle, that is, consists of only one optical element. The feature of this optical scheme is expressed the area of sharpness in the center of the frame and the characteristic blurring on the edges.

Interchangeable aperture allows not only to reduce the flow of light, increasing DOF, but to give form to the light sources outside the frame.

According to stern, a lens well suited for portrait photography.

Other examples of images are on the photographer’s website.

Source: Mathieu Stern



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