Enthusiast has spent more than $1000, collecting in China fully functional iPhone 6s

Enthusiast Scotty Allen (Scotty Allen) asked whether it is possible to assemble a fully functional iPhone 6s for parts. For this he went to Shenzhen, where he started for the implementation of your plan.

From idea to implementation took about two months for the necessary components, he spent about $ 300, another $ 1,000 was spent on a variety of tools, broken parts and so on.

In the end, he got a new iPhone 6s with 16 GB of flash memory. Not exactly new, and restored, as some parts were derived from broken smartphones, and the build quality was not factory method.

In his blog, he describes in more detail your way, you can also find a great video, which depicted various stages of Assembly of the smartphone on its own.

Scotty Allen chose the iPhone 6s, as spare parts for the iPhone 7 is still difficult to find on the market. But even assembling smartphone of the previous generation, he encountered difficulties when searching for the motherboard.



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