Engineering an instance of a AMD Zen was ahead in the test Blender decategory CPU Core i7-6950X

Output AMD Zen is one of the most important events of the CPU market in recent years, regardless of preferences. Not too long ago AMD released a really new architecture, and the gradual and very slow evolution of Intel is no longer surprising.

While we do not know parameters of the new products AMD, their prices and possibilities. But gradually the Network appears at least some information about Zen. For example, in the database of the test package Blender result of a engineering sample AMD processor. There is little doubt that this is the generation Zen.

In the test, as you can see, CPU AMD cope with the task in 69 seconds, which corresponds to the result desyatiletnego Intel Xeon E5 2680 v2 2.8 GHz processor that significantly exceeds the result of Core i7-6950X, ten cores which operate at a frequency of 3 GHz, and the TDP is 140 watts.

It would seem that a great result. But it is worth considering that we have no idea on what processor were tested. It could be an eight-core consumer CPU, and could be server processor Zen family of Naples with 32 cores. But anyway, the result is still very high.



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