Employees of «Gazprom export» has left without pokemon

As it became known to the edition «Interfax», employees of the company «Gazprom export» have banned the use of on-site and in the premises of the company office in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Pokemon Go and other apps that use augmented reality technology (Google Goggles, Ingress, Fingo, etc.).

This order was announced by the Department of corporate protection and sent to employees in a letter in which the justification of the ban it is stated that in the offices of «Gazprom export prohibited without approval to take photos, video recording and filming. And some apps that have access to the camera of the mobile device, can implement them without the consent of the owner.

The same application Pokemon Go, according to security experts, «Gazprom export», in background reports on the developer’s server (Niantic American Inc.) and its partners all data received from the camera, microphone, GPS-tracker and other sensors of the mobile phone. And the developers have the right to transmit all this information to public and private entities.

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