Employee of Hewlett Packard Enterprise leaked personal data of more than a third of the sailors of the U.S. Navy

The press service of the Navy of the USA has published a short press release confirming the leak of personal data 386 134 sailors. It is, in particular, the names and social security numbers.

The leak allowed an employee of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, which worked on government contract, when access to his laptop received attackers. More specific information is not reported.

According to official figures listed on Wikipedia, the US Navy has about 326 000 sailors on active service, another 107 000 people are on standby. Thus, one person leaked personal data of more than a third of current and retired American sailors.

Vice-Admiral Robert Burke (Robert Burke) said that the U.S. Navy refers to the incident very seriously, so at this point, a thorough investigation.

Comment from Hewlett Packard Enterprise followed.


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