Embedded reprogrammable memory eMemory EcoBit is designed for applications of RFID and NFC

EMemory company specializing in emerging nonvolatile memory technology, has introduced a development called the EcoBit. It was built in reprogrammable memory designed for applications of RFID and NFC.

C based applications, IP cores EcoBit optimized according to the criterion of energy consumption. The developer notes that low power consumption is achieved not only in reading mode but also in write mode. Depending on the varieties of the new memory, the supply voltage in read mode is 0.8-1.65 V or 1.2-2.0 volts, and the recording mode is 1.6-2.0 V. the current consumption of memory for UHF RFID in read mode does not exceed 6.5 mA, in write mode and 15 µa. Memory for HF RFID reader mode consumes 25 mA, in write mode — 60-80 mA. Logical organization of memory for UHF RFID — 256 x 16, HF RFID 64 x 16. Writing and reading is performed on 16 bits. The access time is declared equal to 1 MS, the recording time of 8 MS. The resource memory is 10,000 write cycles. At a temperature of 85°C memory stores information for 10 years. Both options are already tested in silico using the rules of 0.11 µm, which produced a logic circuit for a specified application.

Source: eMemory


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