EMarketer analysts are seriously mistaken in their forecasts regarding the market of wearable electronics USA

The IT market in some of its segments sometimes develops very rapidly, which prevents analysts to make accurate forecasts. More precisely, they do, but in the end it turns out that the reality is far from the early predictions, especially when it comes to trying to predict the future for several years ahead.

But is that not true even projections within one year. For example, analysts eMarketer late last year predicted a significant growth in the market of wearable electronics in the United States in 2016. In particular, the number of owners of such devices among the adult population had, in their opinion, for the year to increase by 60% and eventually increased by only 24.7%. The reason smart watches haven’t been as popular as it seemed the analysts a year ago.

In quantitative terms, only 39.5 million American adults will use wearable electronics at least once a month for the year, and the forecast claimed that those will be of 63.7 million If you take the US population as a whole, 15.8 percent will own such devices at the end of the current year, and by 2020 their share will grow to 21.1%. Even if analysts are wrong with the forecast for the year, whether to believe the forecasts for four?


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