Elon Musk will undertake the creation of the Hyperloop train

By Elon musk can be treated differently. Some consider him a genius and the real incarnation of the fictional Tony stark, someone claims that he is not an engineer and not a businessman, and just a great marketer.

Whatever it was and as it in fact is not the case, but Tesla cars have seriously changed the market for electric vehicles, and the company SpaceX has become a completely new stage in space exploration.

Furthermore, it is likely the emergence of a completely new mode of transport in the foreseeable future, we will have the Mask. Yes, the concept of «vacuum trains», in fact, invented almost 200 years ago, but until recently no one even undertook attempts to realize this idea. Exactly as long as this does not put the hand of Elon Musk. By the way, when train Hyperloop finally appears, it will be the first completely new type of transport over the last hundred years.

Initially Musk just shared his thoughts and calculations at the expense of the Hyperloop train. However, he said that himself, it is as busy with Tesla and SpaceX. However, apparently he changed his mind.

First, at the end of last month, Musk has surprised the public with a statement about receiving oral approval of the US government regarding the construction by the Boring Company underground tunnel for trains Hyperloop, which will connect new York and Washington. Especially the statement surprised the company, which is engaged in the development of these technologies. It was assumed that Musk was referring to only the tunnels.

However, new data indicate that the head of Tesla and SpaceX intends to engage in all aspects of the Hyperloop directions including trains, engines and so on. Moreover, SpaceX owns the rights to the trademark Hyperloop, which could create problems for existing companies with that word in the title. However, in the new statement, the Company said Boring, that no prosecution regarding the use of the brand will not be and that all existing startups in this area, you can count on the support of a team Mask.

But these same start-UPS should worry about is not the problem of the use of a word. The point is that if the company Mask full start direction Hyperloop, most of the large investors interested in this business, well think before you sponsor any other company.



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