Elon Musk promises the new version of the Tesla every year and a half

The head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk (Elon Musk) has made a statement, which may slightly disappoint users who have spent a tidy sum on the purchase of electric vehicles of the company.

«Tesla will never cease to innovate, — wrote on his page on the social network Twitter. — You do not buy those cars, if you think otherwise. We plan to release new versions of electric vehicles every 12-18 months. If we use resources for a complex but rare upgrades, the pace of innovations will decline dramatically».

In this regard Tesla Motors is more like automakers and the companies that make computer equipment. And ardent fans of new technologies in the electric vehicle can be compared with hardcore gamers who regularly spend thousands of dollars on the purchase of new parts, accessories and gaming platforms.

Already released on the market, Tesla will continue to receive regular updates of the software with which their functionality can vary significantly.



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