Elon Musk plans to cut transatlantic flight time to 10 minutes

Elon Musk (Elon Musk) spoke yesterday at the International Astronautical Congress (International Astronautical Congress), speaking about the SpaceX plans to colonize Mars, but in his speech he also raised a very interesting topic, which relates to rocket passenger transportation on the planet.

«I think, on our planet there is a market for very fast passenger transport across the world, he said. — Just need to find a place to land, where not much worried about the noise. The rocket is loud».

According to the Mask, the rocket SpaceX can deliver passengers with cargo in any point of the planet in 45 minutes. The most popular cities in the world rocket, launched them to the United States, reached within 25 minutes. More specifically, he said that with a floating platform, which is 50 km from the coast of new York, the rocket will go to Tokyo for the aforementioned 25 minutes. Now, the fastest aircraft travels the distance of 6800 km in about 14 hours. Musk added that if you use rockets SpaceX a transatlantic flight can be reduced to 10 minutes.

Musk noted that in this case, the loading and unloading of goods will take longer than the flight itself.



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