Elon Musk demonstrated the process of testing of transport platforms for The tunnel Boring Company

When Elon Musk (Elon Musk) for the first time made a reservation on the establishment of the company and The Boring Company that will deal with the laying of road tunnels, many took it as a joke.

The recent demonstration that Musk wants to create, forced to doubt the viability of the project even more.

However, the last time Musk also shared a photo of the rig, and now published video, which captures the vehicle test platform, through which, according to the concept of The Boring Company, will move the cars in the tunnels under the cities.

Previously, Musk claimed that the platform will reach speeds up to 200 km/h In the video above, if you believe the famous billionaire, the platform just moves so fast.

In addition, you need to understand that for this test platform, if not they dug a tunnel we built some fairly long indoor track, that is The Boring Company is not just words. On the other hand, if Musk wants to attract investors to this project, otherwise it will not be implemented and, in any case, it is necessary to start to do something within the new company.

The Boring Company


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