Elon Musk claims that the authorities of Los Angeles liking the idea of high-speed tunnels

Elon Musk (Elon Musk) on his page on the social network Twitter has shared information about the first major potential customer for his new startup The Boring Company.

Musk said that he had held with the mayor of Los Angeles Eric garcetti (Eric Garcetti) is very fruitful and promising conversation on the topic of creating a network of high-speed tunnels under the city that will be used for the rapid movement of cars and people.

How far Musk and Garcetti in his conversation, is still unknown, but recent good comments about The Boring Company during the recent interview with ABC.

Himself Elon Musk focuses on the fact that the technology in the case of The Boring Company is the simplest part of the problem. The company will have to get a lot of permissions to create a network of tunnels beneath the surface of a huge metropolis, and also to convince of expediency of realization of this idea many people.

Plugs are a pretty big problem in Los Angeles so the government can be more agreeable than Musk believes.

The Boring Company


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